Piloting the use of TV White Space Technology to connect rural Tanzania.

About Kondoa Community Network

Kondoa Community Network (KCN) is the first community network to pilot the use of Television White Space (TVWS) in a rural area to address the issue of Internet access and gender gap in Tanzania. ISOC Tanzania Chapter supported by Beyond the Net funding in collaboration with the University of Dodoma designed a community network that brought together various stakeholders operating in Kondoa to operate and support the installed network infrastructure. In the near future, members of this network will be responsible in deciding the price of Internet access and hence create business viability in rural area.

In its first phase, community members agreed to deploy network infrastructure that connected three public education institutions in Kondoa, namely; Kondoa Girls High School, Ula Secondary School and Bustani Teachers’ College and in its second phase one more private education institution offer Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training in Kondoa was connected. So far, four education institutions are connected to high-speed Internet access in Kondoa. Currently, KCN is finalizing the installation of network infrastructure to connect widow women group (i.e Kikundi cha Wajane Kondoa - KIWAJAKO) operating in Kondoa to a high-speed Internet access. KIWAJAKO was strategically chosen to demonstrate how ICT could empower women in rural areas.

KCN has steering committee members representing stakeholders from government, political leaders, religious leaders, education institutions, private sector and community-based organization such as KIWAJAKO. In order to address the issue of technical sustainability, a technical team was formed comprising local community members in Kondoa. All of these were important for the community members to own the project and later be able to sustain the project in future.

For more details about Kondoa Community Network, visit:

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Figure 1: Project Team Members in a Group Photo with Students from Kondoa Girls High School in Kondoa District